M•Tech is the smartest and most practical way to ensure safety, comfort, and savings in your home or workplace.


Smart home technologies

At Merkotech, we combine comfort and security with the latest technology through our smart home systems. Save on energy and heating expenses in your home while pampering yourself with control from anywhere, anytime. 

Merkotech's Smart Home Systems offer a unique comfort experience with personalized solutions. The system's wireless infrastructure allows for easy installation without the need for any renovations in your home.

M•Tech smart systems provide the smartest and most practical way to ensure comfort and security in your home, workplace, or any other area you wish to implement. Interconnected systems through M•Tech add value to your life and enhance the quality of living in your home.

With M•Tech smart systems, the systems and devices in your home work in harmony with your needs, preferences, and habits. We script your lighting, blinds/curtains, climate control, and security systems to bring you comfort, technology, and savings.



M•Tech smart comfort systems simplify your life through technical innovation and automated easy control. Smartly connecting lighting, electricity, heating, and security systems enhances your comfort by meeting individual property needs.


M•Tech smart systems offer various advantages that make your life more comfortable.


Using automation for controlled blinds, shutters, and lighting reduces your energy consumption.

Easy Control

Automating your home provides you with an easy way to control and monitor it.


Investing in M•Tech smart technologies gives you more time.


Smart home technologies like cameras, sensors, and door locks allow you to monitor and control your home.

Adds Value

M•Tech smart systems increase the value of your home. Your life becomes more comfortable, and you'll also save.

Always. Everywhere.

Security system, energy management, high technology, and comfort all in one.

You can control your home from anywhere, automate all devices, see what's happening when you're away, and receive instant alerts in case of any security or safety issues.

Control Everywhere

You can receive real-time information anytime, anywhere. Set up your alarm system, control lights, thermostats, and much more.

Advanced Security

With advanced remote control and automation capabilities, we offer you the smartest way to protect your home from theft, fire, flood, gas, and other unwanted events.

Energy Control

With MTech, you can monitor and reduce energy consumption while using home electronics, allowing you to save without sacrificing comfort.

full control

Installation & Setup

The system is installed in your living space without requiring any renovation. This way, there is no need for any breaking or dismantling process in your home or workplace.

Installation & Setup

The MTech system is easily installed without the need for any demolition or dismantling. It features a simple and user-friendly interface.

24/7 Monitoring

With live, real-time monitoring, remotely access the cameras in your home or workplace to see what triggered the alarm.

Family Tracking

By adding your children, spouse, or parents to the system, you can track them in real-time. This ensures your peace of mind.


Set up feeding rules for your pets and rest assured while you're outside. You can utilize your time more effectively.

easy setup

Industrial Solutions

Offices Factories Hospitals Offices Restaurants SchoolsStudent Dormitories Warehouses The future of technology is here.

MTech is not just a smart home system. It can be applied in various industrial fields, enabling time and energy savings through accurate measurement and reporting. It can prevent many errors and wastage that could occur manually.

  • You can control many important expense items such as energy, water, etc. in businesses.
  • While offering comfort to your guests with high technology in your business, you can control both visible and invisible expenses.
  • Security is the foremost need of all businesses. You can take precautions against hazards like fire, smoke, flooding, etc., in all business areas.
  • You can prevent errors caused by humans in businesses. You can monitor remotely 24/7 with cameras.
  • Whether you're in the office or not, you can set up your alarm and receive instant information about situations like theft.


Access all the devices in your office remotely. Set up your alarm remotely and take control of all your costs.


Factories are environments that operate 24/7 and are prone to human errors. Prevent energy consumption and human-oriented errors.


Reduces the costs of the most significant expense items in hotels. Equip rooms, meeting halls, and common areas with high technology.


Restaurants are businesses that require high attention and importance. You will always be safe with gas, fire, and smoke sensors.


The biggest expenses in hospitals are unnecessary energy consumption. You will have all the technology for better service for patients and their families.


You can remotely monitor the products in your warehouses, receive instant warnings in dangerous situations like fire or flooding.

Student Dormitories

Provides effective solutions for dormitory costs. You can control many expense items from room temperatures to unnecessary energy consumption.


You can add value to all projects, big or small, with smart, comfortable, and high-tech solutions.


You can control energy consumption, one of the most important expense items in schools, and reduce your costs.